Goed Pharma: September 2020 – August 2021

Head of Online team (4 FTE) and Content Studio team (5 FTE). While coaching 9 FTE we succeeded in achieving +250% in ecommerce sales, 97% customer promise with D+1 deliveries in retail shops, attracting +300% organic visitors thanks to our SEO-optimized advice infohubs on the www.goed.be website. Projects I took pride in include the first brand awareness campaign of Goed, the Corona pandemy communications, the optimization of the briefing process to the studio team, hero-hub-hygiene marketing plan 2021, presentation to our core suppliers, staff loyalty program for our corporate group of CM (Christelijke Mutualiteit).

My role: Online Team Lead & Content Studio Team Lead

I mostly enjoyed the creation of the brand awareness campaign at Goed.