ALDI Belux: August 2021 – September 2022

Manager of Digital team (5-6 FTE). While coaching the digital team we succeeded in achieving +50% in email database subscribers, further improving our digital position in Fresh meat and in the overall Belgian Food Retail market, and in outperforming with our fully animated Online Folder far above industry standards and even above the other ALDI countries. Projects my team had the lead were (not exhaustive list) ALDI Altijd Slim online branding, Scratch & Win contest in over 440 ALDI shops, digital first Summer activation, digital support to over 10 campaigns in one year, Optimization of online paid campaigns via GDN and other programmatic platforms. I hired two new colleagues. My team’s operations are amongst others CMS activities, digital marketing support to 360 campaigns, SEO, UX, Analytics & Reporting, Email marketing, Marketing automation, Datacaptation, animation of the online folder and regional marketing.

My role: Digital Marketing Team Manager

I was very glad to coach and inspire the passionate digital team at ALDI.